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Chiropractic Care

Dr. G adjusting a patients neckWe use a number of highly-effective adjusting approaches to help improve spinal biomechanics and reduce nervous system interference. The approach we use is based on our clinical judgment and years of experience. Below is a list of our our primary adjusting techniques.

If you’ve been to a chiropractor before and prefer to be adjusted in a particular way, let us know. We want you to relax, enjoy and fully benefit from your chiropractic care.


This full spine approach relies on X-rays and a heat-sensing instrument for a thorough evaluation and documented results.
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After identifying which vertebrae have lost their normal motion or position, a specific manual thrust is applied to free up “stuck” spinal joints.
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Thompson Terminal Point technique is a system of analysis and a special table that reduces the amount of energy needed to adjust your spine. read more about Thompson »

Cox Flexion-Distraction

We use a special table so we can traction your spine, opening up the spacing between spinal vertebrae and relieving pressure to spinal.
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Myofascial Release

Athletic injuries and many muscle-related conditions respond quickly to myofascial release, in combination with joint manipulation and specific recommended exercises.
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