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About Chiropractic Center of Vernon

Providing the Highest Quality Care Possible

photo of our teamWe’ve been delivering quality chiropractic care to the Tri-City community since 1996.
At Chiropractic Center of Vernon, our goals are simple:

  • To get you well as quickly as possible.
  • Provide you with the information to keep you well.
  • Show you wellness can be achieved without drugs or surgery.

Part of the care you receive in our office is in providing you expert information on the necessary steps you need to take to take charge of your health. This includes an explanation for the type of care you will receive, showing you stretching and strengthening exercises to help support your treatment, and if necessary, advice and recommendations for lifestyle changes regarding nutrition, exercise and other outside stresses such as work and recreational activities. Together, we can help you get well.


Treating the Whole You

As a chiropractor, I don’t just treat your symptoms. Chiropractic care looks at one’s body as a sum of all parts. Sometimes your pain may not be caused by the area where it hurts, I look at the whole body from a biomechanical perspective and determine the underlying cause, and treat appropriately. We try to find the cause of your symptoms and fix it; not patch it up with medications which do nothing to fix your problem. This is achieved with chiropractic adjustments which restores proper function and alignment to the spine as well as removes any nerve interference which can lessen your overall state of health.

Furthermore, we give stretching and strengthening exercises as well as perform Active Release Technique to the injured or altered muscles, ligaments or tendons which help support the chiropractic adjustment and restores normal function to the soft tissues.

A Partnership Between You and Us

We will do our absolute best to make an appropriate diagnosis, and make appropriate treatment decisions and recommendations, but it is a team effort between you and the doctor from your first appointment. We also will do our best to educate you about your condition and what necessary steps you will need to make in order to get well as quickly as possible including – doing the exercises we give you and make the appropriate lifestyle chances to enhance your recovery. Simply, we find over and over, the patients that adhere to our recommendations get well and stay well.

We also realize that not all of our patients respond to care as we would hope or that not every patient is even a candidate for chiropractic care. Rest assured, if we don’t think we can help you, or if you are not responding as anticipated, we will quickly make an appropriate referral to a health care professional who may be better able to serve you.

Finally, our greatest concern, besides your health, is that when you leave this office, you know you made the right decision. If chiropractic care helped you and you are satisfied with your care, tell others. There are so many people out there suffering needlessly. Maybe we can help them also. If for some reason you are not satisfied with our office or your care, we want to know. We want to make it right.

Sound interesting? Please contact our office to make an appointment.

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